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Vedanta Hedging – Shining Light onto Dark Transactions

Vedanta Hedging is an expert in our field. In our experience from working directly in Banks, the decision to Hedge can sometimes be taken without sufficient analysis. Due to the complexity of some of the products, there is often a gap in the understanding of how these work.

This can have serious consequences for a business, as choosing the wrong type of hedging solution can introduce further risk and volatility into the business – precisely what the hedging is supposed to help in the first place!

How We Can Help

Keep It Simple

Explain what financial risks the client potentially faces and help them to understand in unambiguous terms, the hedging options provided to the client by the Bank.


Vedanta will explain the hedging options in the context of the 3 simple ‘levers’ that can be employed with derivatives:

  • 1. How much to hedge.
  • 2. How long for.
  • 3. Which products to use.

Risk Evaluation

Assess impartially what the real benefits and risks of these various strategies are, and the impact they can have on the business.

Alternative Strategies

Work with the client to suggest alternative hedging strategies that may be more appropriate than just what the bank are offering.


Assist the client through the documentation process to satisfy FCA and banking requirements.

Dealing Process

Help the client to understand and manage the ‘dealing process’ which is very different to a normal banking transaction.


Negotiate with the Banks to give the client much more transparent and fair pricing.

Risk Evaluation

Independent advice and valuation on existing hedges and also suggest restructures that may be beneficial at the appropriate time.


Hedging is a continual, iterative process, and must be regularly reviewed and managed. Even if the business requirements do not change materially, the Global Financial Markets are constantly changing, which can have implications for the hedges.

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