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Our Credentials

Our credentials

  • We are the UK’s largest FCA regulated hedging advisors to SME’s.
  • We have advised many MPs, and the Government has published our advice and recommendations on best practices on hedging for SMEs.
  • We frequently provide analysis to MPs / Ministers and regularly appear in national media. We have also been interviewed by Sky NewsITV NewsBloomberg,The Times, Channel 4, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, International Business Times, Reuters, and many more on multiple occasions regarding our expertise on hedging.

The key benefits of using us

  • We are an independent firm providing impartial advice based on your best interests.
  • We offer a bespoke advisory service that aims to fully understand your specific business needs rather than using a template for all clients.
  • As we use the same pricing software as the banks, you can rest assured that you have achieved the lowest execution price for your hedge. This is also strengthened by over 85 years’ combined experience of actually working within various global banks.
  • We help to simplify unnecessarily complicated jargon so that you fully understand what you are entering into, as well as the benefits and limitations of each strategy.
  • We will help you navigate new and complex regulatory requirements so that you can focus on your core hedging decisions.