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Rhona Macpherson

Rhona has over 20 years’ experience in providing organisations with analysis and strategies to manage financial market risk. She joins Vedanta from Chatham Financial where she was a Director in the Global Commercial Real Estate division. Previously she held senior positions at EY, UBS and Deutsche Bank.

At Chatham Financial she was responsible for advising Commercial Real Estate clients on the most efficient and effective ways to hedge interest rate, FX and inflation risks.

At EY she led the infrastructure hedging advisory workstream where she oversaw a variety of debt and capital market financing projects on the public and private side. Prior to joining EY, Rhona provided forensic analysis and strategic guidance to RBS during the FCA review into the sale of interest rate hedging products. While there she opined on the more structured trades and complex cases.

At UBS she established a sales team that arranged, structured and placed private placements and devised strategies to hedge the associated market risks. At Deutsche Bank Rhona provided hedging solutions to UK corporates and financial institutions.

Rhona is committed to bringing transparency to all aspects of financial market risk management ensuring it aligns to the underlying business and project needs and enabling executives to make informed policy decisions.


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