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This weeks currency movements and swap rates

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It’s not all doom and gloom for the British Economy

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), a leading UK think tank, stated that the economy is outperforming the Bank of England’s forecasts, with growth expected to accelerate from 1.7% this year to 1.9% in 2018, spurred by rising exports and business investment.

According to NIESR, 2017 represents a trough for UK GDP growth and will be followed by a “modest recovery that takes economic growth to a level that is close to potential”, with expectations for the first interest rate rise in more than a decade to occur early next year.

The Pound extended gains against the Dollar to an eleven month high of 1.324, up 2.18% in one month and 7.29% since the start of the year. The Sterling has been buoyed by strong manufacturing PMI data in July as exports surge due to post-Brexit currency depreciation and stronger global growth.

The cost of a five-year fixed rate loan has fallen 7 bps in one month to 0.83%, while the cost of a ten-year fixed rate loan dropped 5 bps to 1.21%. The latest moves leave the five and ten year rates up 8 and 7 bps respectively since the start of the year.

So what does this mean for businesses / investors looking for new finance?

Securing a £5m loan over a five year period is now £17k less expensive than it was a month ago. Similarly, cost of securing the same amount over ten years has gone down by £24k in one month. In other words, these swap / fixed rates do have a real impact on all of us.

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Author – Konstantin Gorev