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Vedanta Hedging client interviewed on Channel 4 News on RBS GRG mis-conduct

Vedanta Hedging’s client, Bywaters (one of the UK’s leading waste recycling firms) was mis-sold complex interest rate derivatives by RBS and forced into GRG. They were interviewed by Channel 4 News last night about their experience with RBS.

Siobhan Kennedy (who has interviewed Abhishek Sachdev of Vedanta Hedging previously) the Business editor for Channel 4 spoke to John Glover of Bywaters, about their mis-treatment by RBS, being pushed into GRG and their interest costs raised by the Bank. Martin Berkeley of Vedanta Hedging has assisted Bywaters in understanding the complexities of their derivatives.

Also appearing on this programme, was the SNP MP George Kerevan (whom Vedanta Hedging have advised recently on derivative disputes) as well as Alison Loveday from Berg Solicitors (with whom Vedanta Hedging also work).


The programme also interviewed Neil Mitchell about his £128m claim against RBS GRG. Neil Mitchell has been arguing about the misconduct of RBS GRG for many years and far before most were aware of the issue.

Vedanta Hedging is assisting in some of the largest derivative disputes in the UK and how this was inextricably tied to being pushed into GRG, or contributing to further consequential losses. If you would like to discuss your consequential losses, or have not been satisfied at the redress offers made to you thus far, please contact us to discuss.

The FCA has delayed its GRG report eight times, and may never publish its report.

The Channel 4 news clip can be seen here: