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Vedanta Hedging client interviewed in Evening Standard re: RBS GRG

One of Vedanta Hedging’s clients was interviewed in the Evening Standard, about the Global Restructuring Group (GRG) part of RBS.

Mr Vivek Jain’s company, Jainco, was mis-sold a swap. Through Vedanta Hedging’s intervention and assistance, Mr Jain was given full redress from the mis-sale of the swap by RBS. However, the consequential losses of the swap mis-sale were not provided in full to Mr Jain.

Mr Jain argues that he would not have been put into the (now disbanded and widely criticised) GRG unit if it was not for the mis-sale of the swap.

The article can be seen here:

RBS Evening Standard 10.2.2017 with Vedanta Client

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