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Abhishek Sachdev

Abhishek founded Vedanta Hedging Limited in 2011 to provide transparency for corporates that used derivatives for hedging.

Having graduated with the highest First Class Honours in Economics from his whole year at Durham University, Abhishek spent some time working at Her Majesty’s Treasury, before then being head-hunted to Lloyds TSB as a future executive leader. Since then, Abhishek has acted as an expert witness in several High Court cases involving derivatives and is regularly instructed by the leading QC’s and solicitors in the UK.

Notably, Abhishek was the only derivatives expert that the British Government called to provide expert evidence to the Parliamentary Banking Commission on Banking Standards in September 2012. This was to a panel comprising members of the Government Treasury Select Committee of MPs and Lords. He has also provided advice to (then) FSA, HM Treasury and the Government Insolvency Service.

Abhishek has regularly commented on the derivatives topic on national television (including the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4), radio (Radio 4, Radio 5 Live) and newspapers (The Telegraph, The Times) and a wide variety of financial websites including Bloomberg and Reuters.

Abhishek is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to advise on derivatives.


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