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BBC Radio interviews Abhishek Sachdev on GRG revelations

Since the announcement made by the FCA regarding the initial findings of its review into GRG mistreatment allegations by RBS, there are more un-answered questions rising from the SMEs who claim that they have been victimised by the GRG scheme.

The popular business talk show “Wales at work” on BBC Radio Wales recently interviewed Abhishek Sachdev from Vedanta Hedging to share our view on the issue. Abhishek Sachdev has advised the Government and the FCA on this complex issue in the past.



While further investigations are being carried out by FCA to provide an optimal resolution that would help the frustrated SMEs who have been mistreated by the GRG scheme, the Vedanta Hedging Team is prepared to advise companies who have suffered losses with GRG as it is better to be prepared and protect your legal position. This is also likely to apply to other banks including Lloyds BSU and Barclays / HSBC Business Support units.

Abhishek Sachdev of Vedanta Hedging will be hosting a webinar on 23rd of November between 10am – 11:30am to talk about this complex issue, and advice the SMEs on their options to be prepared for the redress process against RBS or Lloyds.
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