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Patricia Perlman-Dee

Patricia has a Master of Science in Finance and International Management. Patricia is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ).

Patricia has extensive experience in the finance sector including derivatives and wealth management where she has worked for over 11 years in large financial corporations such as Citigroup, JP Morgan, Nomura and Barclays in both London and New York.

Patricia has worked with a wide range of financial markets products, including structured funds, structured products, OTC options, notes, swaps and warrants, and proprietary index derivatives.

Patricia has worked with a variety of client types including banks, asset managers, insurance companies, large corporates, fund distributors and other financial institutions.

Geographically, Patricia has worked with clients from Scandinavia, Netherlands, Israel, London and New York.

In  addition, Patricia  assists in teaching finance at Manchester Business School, encompassing corporate finance, investments, budgeting, financial markets, derivatives and valuations. Patricia also mentors students taking additional qualifications such as the ACCA. She is  an ABNLP Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Coach.

Originally from Sweden, Patricia has lived in several European countries. She has also travelled extensively around the globe from which she has gained valuable insight to different cultures and ways of thinking. She speaks several languages fluently. Philanthropy and family are also big parts of Patricia’s life.

Patricia is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to advise on derivatives.



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